Peace Love and Sweat

Our mission is to create a safe, peaceful space where you can come to relax and unwind, all the while benefiting from Infrared Sauna Therapy. We offer full-size cabins that fit 1-3 people. Your own room is available to you. Complimentary water and towels are provided.

You may also bring a friend or two to sweat with you. It is an extra $15 per person. (Added at checkout) Please, stay HYDRATED!! WHEN BOOKING, PLEASE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION YOUR FIRST SWEAT IS $20! (Will discount at checkout!)

Infrared Sauna Benefits: Stress Relief, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Muscle Recovery, Detox, Weight Loss, Heart Health, Skin Rejuvenation, Increase Circulation, Decrease Inflammation and more.


Contact Information

PHONE: (217) 670-2452
ADDRESS: 3450 Liberty Drive, Springfield, Illinois 62704